Two weeks ago the Italian Menswear Label Slowear Opened it´s doors in Antara Shopping Mall, a high-end retail mall located in Polanco, México City.

    I believe Slowear is not famous in the mexican market & will start getting, for those who like to dress with functional and comfortable, this is the Mecca!

    Prices are almost the same as in the U.S and Europe for those stores who carry the brand.

    Grupo Axo, the retail giant behind the brand in Mexico, did a very very good favor to me by putting it walking distance from my office, so whenever in need of some Incotex pants, Zanone sweaters or a Gray Montedoro Jacket with a blue Glanshirt i don’t need to travel to get my favorite and more comfortable clothes.

    Hopefully with this kind of stores coming in to Mexico, people will start to “appreciate” more craft and good quality clothes, and will start to be more conscious about their wardrobe.


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